Create a Screened Area on Your Deck to Enjoy Bug Free Georgia Evenings

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A deck is the perfect place to sit outside on a warm Georgia evening, drinking your favorite beverage, and letting the worries of the day disappear from your thoughts. Until the mosquitoes realize you’re there. Mosquito repellent only works so well, and really, who wants to smell like mosquito repellent all evening? Candles and other items meant to keep the little pests at bay don’t seem to work. The only other options are to sit indoors or screen part of the deck. Which brings me to the topic of today’s blog.

I understand that you don’t want to screen in your entire deck, because you built it to be able to truly enjoy the outdoors. The good news is that you don’t have to screen the entire deck, just a portion of it. Decide on an area of the deck that would benefit best from a screen, and make that your area. I recommend using the area that leads to the interior of your home. The screened part of the deck would act as a barrier against bugs entering the home as well.


You built your deck to add to the overall aesthetics of your home. Now you’re considering marring some of that beauty by adding a screened in area. Take it up a notch and design a gazebo-style addition for your deck. Use shingles on the top to match your roof and paint the gazebo to match your home. The screened area is hardly noticeable from a distance, and it looks like a beautifully designed addition.

The Door

You will, of course, need to add at least one door to your screened area. Traditionally, homeowners use a regular storm door style screen door to prevent bugs from entering. Some prefer a sliding style door that glides on rails. The door style is entirely up to you and depends on your personal preference. Just make sure it will not allow bugs to enter the space.


The furniture you use to decorate your screened deck area will depend on the size of the area. You can make it as small and intimate as you wish or as big as you wish. Include some comfortable furniture so you can sit outside and truly enjoy the bug-free environment. Make room for tables so you can sit your drink down or enjoy a meal. If the space is large enough, set up a small dining room table and an area to entertain guests occasionally.

Give us a call here at Leisure Time Decks to discuss your ideas on building the perfect screened porch or screened area on your deck. We’ll schedule a time to visit you at your home to see the area of your deck you’d like to screen in and offer up our advice. Your ideas and our experience will help create an amazing addition to your deck!