Five Updates Your Home Probably Needs

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One of the top remodeling questions facing homeowners is where to start. This question is a little easier to answer if you are renovating specifically for putting the house on the market. In these cases it is usually easy to identify the areas that need work. A kitchen might be outdated or have damaged cabinets, or you may realize that an extra bathroom is needed. With a house that is in good condition, you might need some guidance on the changes that offer the best return on investment.

  1. The basement. Almost every home can use a little extra living space regardless of the size of the family. Even people who do not need an extra bedroom can look at ways to use this section of the home. It can be converted into an entertainment area, a bar or an extra kitchen. Converting the basement space can boost the appeal of any residence and increase its market value.
  2. Exterior work. Have your deck, or other exterior structures, seen better days? Is the sidewalk in the best condition? Cosmetic changes to the exterior of the home can boost the curb appeal and make the property more marketable. A fresh coat of paint and planting a few trees in the yard can also make the property more attractive.
  3. A kitchen update. A modern, trendy kitchen will go a long way towards increasing a home’s market value. The return on invest varies greatly with the remodeling projects. A lot depends on the region, the style of the home, the size of the kitchen and the changes you make. Here in the Atlanta metro area, most homes have a deck leading from the kitchen or the dining room. A deck helps make the kitchen and dining room feel more open and functional.
  4. Bathroom remodeling. This seems to be a mainstay on these types of lists and with good reason. The bathroom is becoming more important as a spot for relaxation and getting rid of stress. Many such projects turn bathrooms into mini spas with high tech features.
  5. Additional square footage is something that many home buyers look for. This can sometimes be one of the more challenging projects to take on. It will require removing a section of wall, an extension of the roof and laying a foundation. This can be costly and it requires an expert to get it done properly. On the other hand, the addition of outdoor living areas such as an outdoor kitchen, bar, or dining area really adds a lot of functionality to your home.

The way you update your home is entirely up to you. You know your budget and your lifestyle. We want to be the go-to north Atlanta metro home improvement company you call when things need to get done. Call us at 404-939-2201 to start making 2017 home remodeling plans with us.