Decks Don’t Have to be Simple – Ideas for the Ultimate Deck

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Many homeowners assume that it’s better to keep it simple when having a deck built. That’s ok, a simple deck allows you to have a small raised entertainment area and that is not a bad thing. But if you want something more than that, you can definitely find a lot of ideas for multi-level decks online. As you look at the various styles, options, and different goals that people have in regards to deck construction, you can see that creativity doesn’t have to take a back seat. With that in mind, consider a few deck construction ideas that you may want to get for your home today.

The Hot Tub Deck Combo

Here’s an interesting path towards building a solid wood deck. Take the notion of decking, add some railings, and then have a centerpiece where you have a hot tub in the midst of your deck. This option allows you to have the rustic, wood decking feel, and that relaxation that comes from dipping into the warm jets of a hot tub. This usually requires several levels to offset the recessed hot tub, but it can be quite the visual when you walk out of your home and onto the deck.

Also consider building the hot tub area to one side of the deck or the other. A recessed area off by itself would be an incredible spot for a hot tub and it would offer a great spot to create a more private area. Consider covering the hot tub area with a pergola for added privacy and decoration options.

The Multilevel Deck

Another option to consider is to add decking that is not only connected to the first floor of your home, and the second floor as well. Add another small deck platform between the levels to create a unique multi-tiered design. Imagine going from your master bedroom, out to a full deck where you can look at your property, enjoy a cup of coffee, or just breathe in the fresh air that comes from waking up to a new day. The multilevel deck solution takes a bit of work and design experience, which is why it’s not a DIY project.

Throw Away the Mondrian Mindset

Here’s an interesting concept, what if you didn’t have a square or rectangle deck? That’s right, you could have curved decking, raised platforms, multiple levels, railings that are curved, a clover leaf design, and so much more. A spiraling staircase to connect the tiers is a wonderful option to add to a rounded or curved deck, and could add a bit of flair to your yard, or patio. Decks don’t have to be square; they can become part of an artistic element and an extension of your design ideas.

At the end of the day, you will find that decks can be designed and constructed in a wide variety of ways. As long as you can dream it, you may be able to get it constructed. No matter what the goal is for a deck on your property, creativity shouldn’t take a backseat.