Cover Your Porch or Deck for the Ultimate in Outdoor Living

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If you want to spend a lot of time outdoors, you will need to be as comfortable as possible. One drawback to being outside is that you have to deal with rain or the glare of the sun. You can make your stay on your porch or deck much more comfortable with the right type of cover. This can even improve the look of your outdoor space.

Oversized Umbrella

You can find these in a variety of colors and patterns to add a new visual element to the space. One good reason to use umbrellas is that you can easily reposition them. You can also interchange them to give the space a fresh look.

Retractable Awning

These products come in a variety of sizes and prices. It gives you some flexibility in the use of your outdoor space, since you only have to open it when you need shelter. An important note is that the style should suit the architectural look of your home.

Pool or Beach Cabana

This is another flexible option since you can move it from the deck or patio area when you don’t need it. Cabanas are also attractive, and you can easily find a color that suits your home. This is the perfect option to reuse or recycle an old canopy bed frame that you may have stored away in a closet or storage unit.


You don’t need to go out to buy a canopy if you want some shade. Even a makeshift canopy using an old sheet will do. The important thing is to ensure that the ends of the canopy are properly supported. Choose a sheet that looks great with the overall structure and colors of your home so that it doesn’t really look like you’ve draped a sheet over the porch.

Using the Pergola

Building a pergola for your deck does more than add another design feature. The pergola can support any type of material you want to use for shade. You can even use a live cover by planting climbing vines nearby and training them up the sides and across the top of the pergola. Perfecting the look you want can take some time, but be patient and you’ll love the results.

Patio Sails

Add an artistic feel to your outdoor space with the addition of one or more patio sails. You can experiment with different colors at the same time to make the space more interesting. Another good reason to use these sails is that you can twist them in different ways. This enhances the decorative aspect of your deck or porch.

The Versatility of Outdoor Living Spaces

Make the most of your outdoor space by controlling your ability to use it whenever and however you want to. You can also use a permanent fixed covering. Give us a call at 404-939-2201 if you’re in the north metro Atlanta area and would like to discuss more options for covering your deck or porch.