Build an Amazing Front Porch that Fits Your Lifestyle

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Front porches are making a comeback and they are being used for more than keeping the rain and snow off of people as they are waiting to enter your home. A front porch can be utilized as an extra sitting area, family room, or outdoor seating space.

If you do not think that you would use a front porch too much, then you can start with building a basic porch. You could place a couple of chairs and a small table on the front porch for a little décor and use it when you need a break in the yard or you need some fresh air. However, we believe that once you use this space a few times, you will want to expand it and turn it into something better.

A larger front porch can be used for family gatherings and when you are entertaining. An open front porch can be used whenever the weather is warm and it is a great spot for enjoying the late evening hours. Depending on the size of your front porch, you can create one large sitting area or multiple smaller ones. Couches, chairs, and ottomans can be used for seating and we also recommend that you consider building a swing.  An outdoor area rug can complete the entire look.

It is very easy to turn a front porch into a year-round living space and to do this, we recommend adding windows. We think that an enclosed front porch is the way to go when building, because it allows you more options. Even if you think that you will not use the front porch too often, an enclosed porch will be ready for you if you change your mind.

You do not need to worry about what type of furniture or decorations you use with an enclosed porch, because nothing will be out in the elements. A ceiling fan can be installed to keep the porch cool during the warmer months or you can even install air conditioning and heat in the space, so you are comfortable every day of the year.

Front porches can be used to play games, eat meals or snacks, entertain family and friends, or spend a quiet evening with the stars and a glass of wine. No one has ever been disappointed after building their front porch and we recommend that you talk to a professional when you decide to build one of your own.

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