Take Your Pergola to the Next Level with the Right Lighting

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lighted pergolaEven the simplest pergola can add a lot to a home. Owners of these structures sometimes go all out to decorate them to suit their tastes. However, one thing that some owners ignore is what an impact the right lighting can make. Lighting not only makes a pergola more inviting at night, it works as another design element. If your pergola is in the garden, lighting can help to create the ideal setting for entertaining guests in the evenings. Here are a few pergola lighting ideas that you may find useful:

Pendant Lights: Pendant lights or hanging lights create an elegant setting outdoors. This is a good type to choose if you spend a lot of time dining outdoors. They come in various sizes and lengths, giving you a lot of flexibility in your choices. You must always be mindful of the effects that strong winds might play on this type of light however.

Fixed Lighting: Fixed or built-in lighting can be used to illuminate the entire area, or just to add a bit of ambiance. These lights are smaller, and a number of them will have to be installed in beams at set intervals for the right effect. A pergola that is attached to the home will make wiring less challenging, especially if you want to keep the wires hidden.

Mounted Lights: Generally, these are not used to provide lighting inside the structure itself. Rather it helps to draw attention to the area. The lights can be mounted at the entrance only, or on the exterior posts of the structure. You will have no trouble finding the right types to complement your pergola, whether you want something modern or quaint looking.

String Lights: These types help to add a lighthearted, but warm feel to the structure. This is a convenient option since the lights can be taken down or re-positioned at any time. Best of all, you do not necessarily have to take an ordered approach to putting them. If necessary, you can wrap lights around posts or hang them from the beams. Just make sure that there are enough electrical outlets to accommodate the lights you want to put up.

Pergolas offer the perfect blend of function and design, so they will be a great addition to your property. Before building one, you should think about the lighting if you plan to use it at night. It is also wise to think about easy ways to decorate the structure.

We can not only build your pergola, we can help you with some good lighting and decorating ideas. We often build stand-alone pergolas, attached pergolas, and deck pergolas. The deck is a very nice spot to build a pergola because it provides just the right amount of shade for relaxation and a wonderful spot to hang flowering plants. You may also choose to combine vining plants with your pergola lighting to create a truly magical effect.