Consider Building an Elegant Pergola to Deck Combination for Impressive Southern Charm

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Georgia sunshine gets hot, especially here in the north Atlanta metro area. A pergola leading from the door to the deck is a great way to limit the amount of sun that shines through the doors and makes your heat pump work harder to keep things cool. The rest of the deck will still be unobstructed, but the area near the door will be nice and shaded. This is especially important if the door to your deck faces the southwest and receives the hot evening sunshine.

A pergola enhances the charm of any building simply by being there. They provide shade and visual appeal wherever they are. They provide the perfect spot to plant flowers that love the shade. Build planters on the deck to grow plants that act as a privacy screen for that area. Plant hardy vines that will grow up the pergola and provide even more shade through the summer months.

Popular Vines for Pergolas

  • Trumpet Vine
  • Wisteria
  • Morning Glory
  • Moonflower
  • Grapes

Please bear in mind that flowering vines and fruit vines usually attract bees and other insects. Homeowners who have bee allergies should refrain from planting vines and other flowers that attract them.

Build a Unique Pergola

When most people think pergola the image of a flat-topped structure generally comes to mind. Not all pergolas are flat on top. Some are curved, slanted, or arched. Be creative when you design your pergola; don’t make it flat just because that’s all you’ve seen so far. Use Google to find images of pergolas. When you find one you love, print the picture so you can show your builder exactly what you want.

Take the opportunity to request built-in seating while you’re busy designing your pergola with your contractor. Create a nice little private nook to serve as your own getaway from life’s daily demands. Consider adding a water feature like a small water wall to create a quiet and relaxing ambiance.

Paint or Stain?

The wood used to build your pergola needs to be protected in some way. A lot of homeowners like the natural wood look, especially when the pergola is on the deck. Others prefer to paint it to match their shutters or other elements of their home. The choice between whether to paint or stain is entirely yours.

Discuss your options with your contractor and ask his opinion if you need more help. Contractors rarely hear the question, “What would you do?” We have opinions, too, of course, but we don’t want our opinions to overshadow your desires. That being said, we will help you make decisions when you need assistance.

Check out our pergola gallery for pictures of pergolas that we’ve built. Some are attached to the home, some attached to the deck. Give us a call or contact us via our website any time to discuss your pergola ideas and schedule a consultation.