Make Your Deck More Inviting With the Right Lighting

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As attractive as any deck looks, it can be so much more if you add the right features. Deck and patio lighting can be the perfect enhancement, but you will have to make the right choices for your particular area. Lighting not only makes it possible to use the deck at night, it also creates a warm, fun, or romantic atmosphere. There are many inexpensive, and energy saving options to choose from.

Before the Installation

Installing lighting, no matter how simple it is, should not be taken lightly. There are a number of details you will have to work out, in addition to choosing visually appealing fixtures. Other important steps include:

  • Measuring the patio or deck area – you need to know how many lights to purchase for the desired effect.
  • Deciding exactly where lights will be positioned – this sounds much easier than it actually is. You need to have a game plan in mind when choosing where to position deck lighting to achieve the effect you want.
  • Determining how much cable will be needed – you always seem to need more cable than comes with lighting. You can usually buy electrical cable in long lengths and splice them carefully for hard to reach places.

Light fixtures for decks are not limited to the standard types. You can up the appeal factor by installing lighting in the floorboards on the deck. If you like the idea of leaving them on at night, choose LED lights for savings on your energy bill. This is a worthwhile consideration as LED lights last a long time, providing great value for money.

Looking at Your Options

It is best to get an outdoor waterproof transformer for your lights. Although indoor types are available, outdoor transformers are generally recommended for these installations. You will also have to decide between manually operated transformers and automatic types. Your lighting should make it easy to find handrails and stairs, but not get in the way or detract from the look of your deck. You should also think about whether you want some of the lighting to accentuate parts of your yard, such as the landscape.

Using fiber optic lighting is another good way to save money. The light will come from a single source, but you will see it wherever the cables have been installed. They will also stand up to any type of weather. Use lighting fixtures on posts to add ambience for relaxation or outdoor parties.

Low voltage lighting options will help to keep your bills under control, but don’t skimp on the installation. Many lighting fixtures are advertised as being do-it-yourself friendly, but this doesn’t mean that installation will be easy. Trying to do this type of work on your own without the right tools and training, increases the chances of mistakes being made.

Talk to us when you want to enhance the look of your deck with the right lighting. We can also guide your decisions during the design phase, and build a deck that has all of the features you need.