Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Spaces

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These days, there is a lot of emphasis on making living spaces more comfortable and functional. As people seek to expand their available living space by using the outdoors it makes sense that they would apply this thinking here as well. The approach to the design of an outdoor space may be different, but the goal will be the same. You will have to think about making elements work together, traffic and the amount of space you will need. Here are some ways to go about creating the perfect outdoor living space.

  • Look at your home’s style. The architectural look of your home is the perfect starting point for creating the ideal living space. This includes the color and the decorative features. The outdoor space does not have to match the home exactly, but it should complement it effectively.
  • Work out the size. This is an important part of the planning process for an outdoor living area. Someone who has a large property will have more options, but even with less land you can have a reasonably sized outdoor space. Ideally, every member of the household should be able to use the area at one time, with enough space to move around.
  • Do a layout sketch. A rough idea of the layout will help you to get the measurements right. You can split your deck or sunroom into separate zones for different activities. This will help you to control the use of the space and the flow of traffic.
  • Choose the right location. If your yard has beautiful landscaping or any kind of attractive view, you should take advantage of this. When you are enjoying your outdoor space, even flowers can enhance the surroundings.
  • Think about privacy. Your property might not provide enough privacy, so take this into account when planning a sunroom or deck. Solid walls can detract from the comfortable, airy feel you want, so consider using privacy screens. Tall plants or small trees can also boost privacy.
  • Add shelter. To truly enjoy the outdoors, you sometimes have to shield yourself from the elements. You can stay outside on a hot day as long as you protect yourself from direct sunlight. Awnings and canopies are possible solutions, but you can also use large umbrellas.

The perfect outdoor living space requires a lot of planning, and you should do this in stages for a successful outcome. One of the biggest advantages of creating this type of structure is that you can do it in phases, and add to it over time as your budget allows. Give us a call at 404-939-2201 if you’re in the north metro Atlanta area and would like to design a new outdoor living area for your home in 2017. We’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation and begin the design process.