Design Ideas for Your 2016 Outdoor Entertaining Areas Part Two

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We hope you enjoyed part one of our design ideas for your 2016 outdoor entertaining areas series for this month. We really enjoy helping people come up with great ideas to enhance the exterior areas of their homes. Here are several more great design ideas for your outdoor entertaining areas.

  • Gazebo: Everyone thinks gentle southern hospitality when they see a gazebo. It’s almost like it should be part of our southern-born heritage to build a gazebo on our property. This misconception is for good reason though; a gazebo is a lovely way to add beauty and functionality to your property.
  • Pergola: A pergola can be used for a variety of purposes including adding partial shade to your backyard or as a spot to sit and relax on a sultry southern Georgia evening. The pergola can provide shade or partial shade for shade-loving plants such as hostas or other broad-leaf plants that are susceptible to sun damage.
  • Arbor: An arbor is a lovely way to create a grand entry for your yard or flower garden area. Consider adding a koi pond or your own personally designed little getaway with an amazing weeping willow for privacy. An arbor works beautifully as a way to decorate the entryway for a privacy fence or even as a way to accentuate your favorite part of your property with an artistic flare.
  • Fire Pit: A fire pit is a wonderful way to add ambience and warmth to any outdoor gathering. We know warmth isn’t always something you need here in the greater Atlanta area, but the fire also helps ward off mosquitoes and other inspects.
  • Retaining Wall: Not all landscaping is a nice flat area, but that doesn’t mean that your uneven landscaping can’t be an amazing area. Retaining walls are a lovely way to create flat areas where there are none and to protect your property from landslides.
  • Privacy Fence: A privacy fence is an amazing way to add privacy to your backyard get-togethers. Not all privacy fences are created equal, and some of the options available at your local home improvement store just don’t cut it. We know what privacy is worth in a city atmosphere, and we’ll help you design the best privacy fence for your individual needs.
  • Sports Equipment: While you’re in the process of adding other things to your landscaping, add a few fun things, too. Build a racquetball court, putting green, batting cage, or a basketball goal.

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