4 Popular Ways to Light Your Deck or Outdoor Living Area

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With our busy schedules, more people want to be able to use their decks even after the sun goes down. Nighttime should not be a deterrent to relaxing or entertaining outdoors. With the right lighting, you can have the ambiance you want for any type of activity, or just to show off the deck at night. Here are 4 great options you can consider for your outdoor space.

Wall Mounted Lighting

Some people simply don’t want their decks flooded by light at night. One good option worth thinking about is the installation of wall sconces. These fixtures have a decorative feel, and with the variety of designs available to suit any type of architecture. A few well-placed wall sconces can add some life to a boring deck. This type of controlled lighting effect gives the deck an appealing look at night. Look out for features like motion sensors, and bulbs with adjustable settings.

Wide Angle Lighting

Bathing the walls in light can have a dramatic effect on the look of the deck and the home. This technique of throwing light over a wall is called washing. The lighting fixtures are designed to cast the light at wide angles. If you space the fixtures properly, the light will be spread evenly over the walls and a section of the deck. Mounting and spacing will depend on the size of the deck, and you can place lights at the top, at the base, or both.

Hidden Lighting

Hidden lighting helps to frame your deck and show off your landscaping. This is a more subdued for of outdoor lighting so it is perfect for a relaxed or intimate atmosphere. Use this to show off certain areas of the garden, or just to find your way around at night. Many people use in-ground lighting or hidden lighting around the edges of the deck or to create a pathway.

String Lights

There are many options when it comes to this type of lighting from small LED lights to large and colorful Chinese paper lanterns (nylon for outdoor use). String lights will bath your deck in a soft glow and gives the entire space a real party feel.

Lighting Your Outdoor Living Area

You can use as much lighting as your deck or yard requires to create the desired effect. Outdoor lighting is not only attractive; it can provide a level of security as well. Give us a call at 404-939-2201 if you’re looking for more great ways to add light to your outdoor living areas. We’ll schedule a consultation to help you decide where to install the best lighting for your needs.