Building the Outdoor Kitchen You Really Need

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Building an outdoor kitchen is not considered an essential home renovation, but it can be an enjoyable one that adds an attractive and utilitarian feature to your yard. Since it is not something you absolutely have to do, you should definitely maintain control of the project in terms of the scale and the budget. There is no need to build one that is bigger than you really need, especially if you will not use it often. You might be disappointed to learn that outdoor kitchens are not generally in high demand for home buyers. So if you plan to sell at some point, even the nicest one probably won’t do much for your bargaining position.

What Do You Really Need?

Some outdoor kitchens are relatively simple, while others are ideal for those people who regularly entertain large groups outdoors. Your planning should start with a real idea of how often you will use the kitchen and for how many people. Basic outdoor kitchen may just mean setting up a meal preparation area beside your grill. An elaborate type might be just like an indoor kitchen with features like a countertop and seating.

Building the Kitchen

A simple outdoor kitchen can be a good DIY project, but hire a contractor if you are going for more than a simple cabinet and countertop setup. The more complex types may have features like:

  • A sink
  • A pergola
  • Overhead lighting
  • A bar complete with mini fridge
  • A brick oven

The actual building of the kitchen will depend on your specific needs. A basic cabinet and countertop may only require attaching plywood to a frame before adding finishing touches. Fancier types can have fire pits, stone construction and even marble counters. If you want to get the expensive look for less, ask for products like faux stone.

When planning your kitchen, keep a keen eye on your budget, will keep the project on the right scale. Take into account the size of your yard, because you want to leave plenty of room for play or to add other outdoor features. Skip the extras that look attractive, but that you know you will hardly use. If you rarely entertain, a bar fridge might be considered an extravagance.

It is easy to add an outdoor fire pit to your deck or yard, but an outdoor kitchen offers so much more. Weigh carefully the potential permanence of a structure, especially if you might be selling the home in a few years. The new owners might remove the kitchen for more space or to put in something else. Most types require professional installation, especially considering the fact that you will be running electricity and using a gas grill. Be sure to consult us at Leisure Time Decks at 404-939-2201 for your big outdoor kitchen project.