Is it Time to Expand Your Deck?

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Deck design is an art form. Each element must be given thought and the careful planning it deserves. The structural integrity of a deck must be present even if it is not immediately seen. The design elements that create a truly unique wood deck should be essentially what people really notice; not the structural stuff.

First, any proposed plan must be allowed under local building codes. Pictures of the original deck will help in making your case. Your deck must also be in good condition, and you may have to provide inspection reports and the original permits for the structure. Building permits aren’t required for specific types of builds, so you should always check with local building authorities. We know that’s usually a headache, so we take care of permits for our clients.

Many decks are built to retain the same design for the life of the deck. Many homeowners give little thought to the possibility of extending their decks at some point when building the initial structure. This usually makes it necessary to create the addition as a separate structure. The original frame is usually not strong enough to support additional weight.

For a new deck to hold up there must be new supports. At Leisure Time Decks we can explain all the requirements for a seamless addition to your deck. We will also ensure that the new structure matches the look of the original one.

Aside from checking with local building authorities you should also contact the utility company. There may be lines running underground that could be damaged by excavation. These areas should be clearly marked to avoid any issues. Before the work starts, we will come up with a plan for the look of the deck and the actual installation.

Together, we can also work out details like the height and style of the railings and whether there will be another access point. Proper water runoff is also essential for the continued strength of the structure. You may also want a part of the deck to be shaded from the sunlight.

Before we can extend the deck, we must remove some of the original posts and railings. If there are stairs on the deck that impede the expansion process, these may need to be removed as well. It might also be necessary to clear the land of trees and plants if they will hamper the new construction in any way. If you have invested in landscaping your backyard, we will need to work out the design of the deck so that the impact on your landscape is minimized.

Only you can determine whether it is time to expand your deck or not. If you find that it is a bit cramped when you have a gathering you should think about getting more room. A larger deck will also expand your options, allowing you to upgrade with additional features and new furniture. When it is time for a bigger deck, talk to us so that we can help you look at all the options that are available.