How to Build an Eco-Friendly Deck

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You need a deck builder who is on board with eco-friendly materials and building practices if you plan to build an eco-friendly deck. Hire a contractor who specializes in custom buildings and outdoor living spaces. Leisure Time Decks, in the North Atlanta metro area, is just that type of company. We strive to use sustainable materials where possible, and create eco-friendly outdoor living spaces that add a sense of art and imagination to your back yard.

Choosing the Right Location

When starting with a new deck, we will help select the perfect location where the completed deck will have some shade during the hottest times of the day during the summer months. It should also allow some amount of sunlight during the winter months to reduce the need for heaters. Consider a pergola or living walls to help maintain a comfortable and private space during cooler months.

Use of Energy Saving Fixtures

Using lighting fixtures that help to save energy is a big part of a green deck. This means using LED bulbs to reduce electricity usage and costs. Motion sensors are also a good way to reduce costs, as they allow the light on the deck to respond to movement so there is no need to have the light on when not in use.

Choosing the Right Materials

Not all building materials are produced in ways that reduce the carbon footprint. However, an experienced deck builder will know what types of recycled material is best for use on a deck. We know what types of wood can be safely used on an eco-friendly deck. We are also familiar with suppliers of wood that has been farmed in a sustainable manner. Some recycled materials used for environmentally friendly decks are more expensive than wood, but they stand up better to time and the elements.

Choosing the Right Builder

An expert deck builder will also know how to mix and match materials to give the deck a unique look that fits your style and taste, regardless of your specific design ideas. Choosing unique materials and a builder who understands your design ideas is easiest way to get a customized deck added to your home. We work with a variety of homeowners in different areas of Atlanta. Check out our gallery of custom decks to see the quality of our work and some of our unique deck builds.

Hiring a deck builder to build your eco-friendly deck is the best way to ensure that the job is done properly. They will also offer advice on caring for the material used in the project. While a green deck may cost a bit more initially, over time this will pay for itself on many ways. And the feeling of doing something for the environment is priceless.

Enjoy Your Down Time with Leisure Time Decks

We’ve been building quality decks and remodeling homes in the North Atlanta metro area since 1989. We shifted our focus to primarily outdoor work in recent years, but we still work on interior remodeling from time to time. Call us any time at 404-939-2201 if you’d like to discuss building a custom eco-friendly deck or outdoor living space, or if you’d like to remodel the interior of your home.