Four Questions that Will Help Solidify Your Decision to Remodel

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Home additions are an excellent way to increase the square footage of your home and increase the monetary value as well. Some homeowners feel that it is better to sell their existing home and buy a bigger one, and that’s perfectly okay, too. Today we’re going to go over four questions that every homeowner should ask themselves before adding onto their home.

Are There Any Reliable Builders in the Area?

All you have to do to find the answer to that question is ask around. Of course we’re going to say yes, because we are reliable builders in the Atlanta area. But don’t take just the builder’s opinion of his or her own company; of course they’re going to say they’re the best. Ask family, friends, coworkers, and make sure to do your own research online. A good builder will have an updated website, an updated blog, a great gallery to showcase their work, and client testimonials.

How Much Will it Cost?

A home addition can cost as little as $25,000 or as much as several hundred thousand dollars. The cost really depends on where you’re building, how much square footage you intend to add onto your home, and the quality of the materials used. As a general ballpark figure, you can usually estimate any price between $200 and $700 per square foot.

How Do You Stay Within Budget?

The best way to stay within budget is to create a contingency of about 20% for incidentals. You can always choose cheaper materials, but remember that in building, as with most things, you get what you pay for. Make sure that you create a list of must-haves. This list should include things that you really have to have whether it’s functional or for decoration. For example: if you have a specific refrigerator in mind that costs $3,000 budget that amount, and if you have specific cabinet hardware in mind include it in the budget as a specific price point.

Another great way to save money on your remodeling project is to build up or down. It costs between 25% and 50% less by building up or finishing a basement instead of building out. When you build out, you take up yard space, and you have to dig and pour a foundation, which takes extra time and costs more than using the existing foundation to build a second story.

How Inconvenient Will It Be?

That depends on what you’re building. If you’re removing the existing kitchen to build it elsewhere it will be pretty inconvenient. On a similar note, if you’re building a new master suite, it won’t be nearly as invasive or inconvenient.

Consider These Questions and Call Us

Leisure Time Decks is more than a deck building company. We specialize in decks, but we also perform many other home improvement tasks such as building home additions, remodeling the interior of the home, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, and finishing basements. If you’re looking for home improvement experts in the Atlanta area, give us a call at 404-939-2201 to discuss your upcoming project or schedule an appointment with us.