Does a Deck Really Add Value to Your Home?

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cost vs value imageAny type of home improvement requires careful consideration, especially where the budget is concerned. As the homeowner, you want your remodeled home to do more than just look pretty. You want something that adds value, even if you have no immediate plans to sell. If your next home improvement phase involves building a deck, there are plenty of good reasons to go ahead. First, you must understand the issues that affect the amount of the investment you can recoup. According to HGTV, an investment in a deck can provide roughly 65% – 90% return for most homeowners.

Important Factors

Every deck building project is different, as are the rules in various states across the country. These points will affect the ultimate value that a deck delivers to a home. Important points to keep in mind are:

The size and cost of the deck: Naturally, a larger deck will deliver more in terms of value, especially if it makes use of the latest trends. Remember that a deck essentially increases a home’s living space, and it all comes down to the square footage.

The features: Some decks are quite elaborate, and even though they are more expensive to build, they pay off in the end. Features like seating, storage and outdoor fire pits can make a deck even more valuable.

The Design and materials: If you plan to build a deck, using high quality material is important. Owners now have a wider option about the type of material to use to build their dream decks. Some composites make deck stronger while adding a distinctive aesthetic.

The location of the home: In some areas, construction costs are higher, and this will make deck building more expensive. Similarly, in housing markets with higher prices, you can expect that decks will provide a similar boost in value. The location also plays a role in terms of your ability to use the deck. In areas with warmer months, homeowners can spend more time outdoors enjoying their decks.

When you build a deck, you increase your living space for less money than it would take to build an extra room on the home. So, while you are spending less, you are still getting greater value. Call us to look at your deck options to add true value to your home. We are experts at deck design and building, and we can add the features, that will give you even more for your investment.