Choosing the Best Materials for Your Deck

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There are many materials that you can choose from when you are building your deck and you will want to choose which material you use wisely. While each material is great, some of them will cost more or last longer.

Here are 4 of the more common deck materials that you can choose from for your deck:

Pressure treated wood

Pressure treated wood is your least expensive option when it comes to building your deck. This wood is chemically treated so that it is resistant to fungus, bugs, and rotting. Pressure treated wood is widely available and quite easy to cut and fasten together. There are a couple of issues when you use this material for your deck though. This material can crack and warp if it is not maintained properly, which means you will need to wash your deck every year and apply a stain every two years.

Tropical hardwoods

There are many tropical hardwoods available for you to use to build your deck and this material is usually chosen because these hardwoods have a rich color and are very durable. However, tropical hardwoods are very expensive and difficult to cut and fasten together. If you choose this type of material, you will need to stain it often or it will begin to look silver in color.

Redwood and Cedar

Redwood and cedar is naturally beautiful and the oils and tannins in the wood make it naturally resistant to rot and insects. These woods do splinter and the wood can get worn if a lot of people are walking on it. If you live in an area where it rains quite often, this material might not be the best for you, because prolonged moisture will cause the wood to blacken.


Composite decking material is made from recycled plastic and wood fibers, which makes it resistant to bugs and weather. This material will also not splinter, warp, rot, or split. This is the material that you will want if you are not good at routine maintenance, because it never needs to be stained or refinished. The only thing that you will need to do with this type of deck is clean it to prevent a buildup of dirt and pollen. This material is a little more expensive than pressure treated wood, but it will last a lot longer and stay new looking for years to come.

Your budget and the time that you want to spend on maintenance will ultimately help you choose which material you want to use for your deck. If you are unsure of which material is best for you, then give us a call so we can answer all your questions and offer suggestions.

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