Another Amazing Georgia Spring and Summer Are on Their Way

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Here we are three months into 2015 and our spring building season is already underway with some amazing decks and more outdoor projects planned throughout April. What are your outdoor plans for this spring and summer? How would you like to include the addition of a deck or some other outdoor living projects to your plans? Today we wanted to talk about several ways Decatur area homeowners ask us to improve the overall functionality of their deck or yard space.

Deck Design or Redesign

Homeowners in general love decks, but what happens when you need more space, or you’ve decided that the deck that was already in place when you bought the house needs… more? That’s when you hire us to redesign your existing deck to meet your evolving needs. We can transform your single tier deck into a multi-tier oasis with pergola or other embellishments. Just collect some pictures from magazines or websites to show us what you’re looking for and we’ll help design and build it.

Screened Porches

We have some serious bugs here in Decatur and the surrounding areas. A screened porch is an excellent way to relax on the porch without worrying about mosquitoes or other bugs. Consider adding a fire pit or planting plants and flowers that bugs don’t like for extra bug deterrent.

Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are a beautiful way to spruce up your back yard. They’re both very versatile and functional, and have the ability to provide a good amount of shade for your back yard. Consider adding a lovely sitting area so you can really enjoy this new feature in your yard.


A gazebo is one of the more functional things you can add to your property. They provide a place to relax and enjoy a good book, a meal, or just a glass of wine with someone special. They are one of the prettiest places to hold a wedding because they provide an excellent focal point for the bride and groom. Built-in seating provides the perfect back yard oasis.


Outdoor kitchens can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. We can build a small area for your grill, a nice fire-fueled oven, or an entire electrical or natural gas kitchen complete with the comforts of home. Add a wet bar and your friends will ditch the neighborhood bar and grill for the comfort of your back yard.


Outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful way to relax on nearly any Georgia night. They help keep bugs at bay during spring and summer while providing just enough warmth to keep you toasty during the fall. Add comfortable seating to complete the area, and you’ll find that you choose your outdoor living room over your indoor living room on many occasions.

Improve Your Outdoor Living Experience in Decatur

Leisure Time Decks is located in Lilburn, Georgia and provides deck building and home improvement services throughout Decatur and the surrounding areas. Call us at 404-939-2201 to discuss your 2015 spring and summer plans or to schedule a consultation with us.