Add Contemporary Style to Your Outdoor Space

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Adding contemporary style to your outdoor space is quite easy, which is a wonderful thing if you want to carry that style from your home to your backyard. You will even be able to add your own personal touches to make your outdoor space extremely comfortable and enjoyable for yourself and your family and friends.

Here are 4 features that will add contemporary style to your outdoor space:


Many contemporary outdoor spaces include paths and patios that are made from multiple materials. The materials that are used the most often are concrete, decomposed granite, pebbles, and natural stone. These materials will add texture to your outdoor space and we recommend keeping the colors of these materials neutral.


Contemporary landscapes are very easy to take care, since a lot of the space uses hardscapes. This means that there is very little lawn to take care of and the plants that are in the space are practically maintenance free. We recommend planting trees for shade and wildlife friendly plants that are hardy and native to your area.


Water is never wasted in contemporary spaces, especially when irrigation systems are installed. You could also decide to create a rain garden, which captures, holds, and redistributes any rain water.

Lines and Shapes

All contemporary spaces include lines, shapes, and form which are all created from hardscapes. These lines, shapes, or forms are soft, round, and smooth, which ensures that your outdoor space flows seamlessly to the inside of your home.

The main focus of your outdoor space should not be the materials that you use. Instead, the focus should be the entire outdoor space as a whole. When you create a fabulous contemporary outdoor space, you will find that it will be easy to maintain for many years. You will be able to sit and relax in this space much more, because you will not need to worry about taking care of the lawn and you won’t be pruning and caring for the plants every single day.

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