9 Ways to Add Style and Functionality to Your Deck

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More and more people are being drawn to the outdoors and the deck is becoming more like an extension of the house instead of simply an exterior spot to relax. Everyone wants to be able to be comfortable while they are sitting outside, so more homeowners are trying to incorporate the style of their house with the style of their deck.

Here are 9 things that we have done to add flair and style to multiple decks:

  1. Instead of a plastic table and chairs, we recommend adding a wicker table set or a glass table with chairs. These items are easy to clean and are more comfortable for lounging.
  2. Utilize outdoor lighting for the evening hours, so that the deck can be used for gatherings at any hour. The lighting can be as simple as strands of lights or hanging candles and lanterns.
  3. Add some color to the deck area with hanging baskets and planters filled with beautiful flowers.
  4. Setting up hummingbird feeders is a great way to encourage harmless wildlife to visit. The best place to keep the feeders is along the sides of the deck and not where people are sitting.
  5. Adding built in benches to the deck is a great way to have additional seating for larger parties. Add some cushions and throw pillows to the benches for color and comfort. These benches are also a cozy place to curl up and read a book or magazine.
  6. Create a path of stones that leads from the deck to a small pond or water fountain feature.
  7. Build a gazebo in the center of the deck area, to create a visual masterpiece and have a place to sit during a spring rain shower.
  8. Waterfalls are soothing and many people like to listen to them as they relax. Create a small area on one side of the deck for your own personal waterfall feature.
  9. More people want to have their own fire pits and while there are plenty that people can buy, we recommend having one built. They can be built to include certain details and specifications and each one can be unique.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding style to a deck. People can choose to decorate with different themes that can include Mexican, tropical, beach, Asian and many more. There are not too many rules when it comes to decorating a deck as long as the deck is comfortable and inviting for everyone.

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