15 Deck Upgrades that Add Functionality and Value

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The north metro Atlanta area is an amazing place to live. We have the convenience of the city nearby, the quiet countryside within driving distance, and the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds right in our back yard. We build a lot of decks and porches and outdoor living spaces throughout the year, so we get to see how local homeowners use their outdoor areas. Today we want to share some incredible deck upgrades with you.

  1. New Stain or Paint: A lot of people don’t realize how new stain or paint can add functionality to the deck. The answer is pretty simple, really. A new finish protects the wood, which means the structural integrity of the deck is maintained for another couple of years. You’re now free to decorate and use your deck as intended.
  2. Built-in Seating: Built-in bench seating offers the opportunity to sit and relax, but it also offers the perfect way to implement storage into the deck. Store away children’s toys and seasonal items with ease and convenience.
  3. Multiple Levels: Whether your current deck is accessible from the first, second, or third story of your home, you can redesign it to implement multiple levels for the ultimate in entertainment possibilities.
  4. Outdoor Kitchen: The idea of an outdoor kitchen is very welcomed here in the Atlanta area because it prevents overheating of the interior of the home. Keep it cool on the inside and cook outside.
  5. Wet Bar: Most homeowners enjoy having friends over for drinks or providing cool refreshments to kids during play dates. A wet bar, whether you serve alcoholic drinks to adult friends or fruity juices or sports drinks to kids or teens, allows you to have cool refreshing drinks and snacks on hand without the worry of little feet tracking dirt through the house.
  6. Privacy Railing: Deck railing can be very revealing. Check out some of the incredible ideas online for increasing privacy on your deck.
  7. Pergola: A pergola is a wonderful way to add shade and a decorative touch to your deck. Use it for climbing vines, to hang a swing or hammock, or as your personal reading nook.
  8. Gazebo: A gazebo is a little more enclosed than a pergola and provides the ability to sit in the shade, store seasonal items in built-in seating, and entertain in true southern style.
  9. Planters: Planters provide a beautiful way to implement natural greenery and blooming flowers. Plant perennials in a few planters for year-round color, and fill in others with annuals for those extra little pops of color throughout the year.
  10. Screen: Those Georgia mosquitoes; you know what we’re talking about. Screen off part of the deck so you can enjoy the fresh air throughout the year without so many pesky insects.
  11. Sunroom: Go the extra mile and install windows to create a sunroom so you can still enjoy the deck during the rare cold snap. Winter 2015 brought more snow than most of us prefer, and winter 2016 may bring even more. Let us help get your deck ready.
  12. Ornamental Elements: Architectural elements are a wonderful way to increase the functionality and value of your deck. Support posts don’t have to be plain 4×4 or 6×6 posts; use ornamental posts that increase the aesthetic value as well as the monetary value.
  13. Water Features: A small pond or a waterfall is a great way to add a little ambient noise to the deck. Make sure the deck can handle the added weight of the water before plans are made.
  14. Fire Features: A fireplace, fire pit, or even the addition of tiki torches is a lovely way to add ambient lighting and interest to your deck. Again, make sure the deck can withstand the weight, and that everything is protected from extreme heat.
  15. Hot Tub: A hot tub is a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a long day or to sooth sore muscles after that extra long run or workout. It must be properly supported to hold the weight, but it is absolutely feasible on nearly any deck.

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