15 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Your Deck in 2016

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The deck has so many potential uses that we can’t list them all, but we have come up with a list of 15 ways you can enjoy your deck this year. Everyone deserves that special place where they can do what they love to do. We like to think that the deck can provide that spot. We would be happy to work with you to turn your existing deck into your favorite place to get away from the world. Here are 15 ways to do just that and enhance your deck this year.

  1. Add a Hot Tub: This is pretty self-explanatory! A hot tub is a wonderful way to relax at the end of a stressful day.
  2. Add a Wet Bar: Most of us enjoy sitting on the deck and enjoying a nice cold drink on a sweltering Atlanta day. Prevent multiple trips into the house for a drink by installing a wet bar or at least a mini fridge on the deck.
  3. Add a Kitchen: A full kitchen is a wonderful addition to the deck. Include a brick or stone oven and you’re on your way to baking some pretty amazing breads and pizzas.
  4. Add Multiple Tiers: Tiers are a beautiful way to customize the deck and create individual zones.
  5. Refinish the Deck: Refinishing breathes new life into the deck and makes you want to spend more time enjoying your masterpiece.
  6. Add built-in Furniture: Built-in furniture is both beautiful and functional.
  7. Add lighting: Under-rail lighting adds a lovely ambience to the deck. Consider other lighting options like torches, lanterns, and other built-in options.
  8. Host Birthday Parties: The deck is the ideal spot to host spring, summer, and fall birthday parties. Take the time to decorate for each individual event, and people will be talking about it for years to come.
  9. Host Karaoke Night: Everyone loves game night or karaoke night. Create an area on the deck to allow your family and friends to take center stage and serenade the night away in style.
  10. Host Other Gatherings for Friends and Family: Nothing beats a fun evening or weekend of hosting your family and friends.
  11. Create a Private Area: Just because the deck is an exterior structure doesn’t mean everyone in the neighborhood has to see what you’re doing while you’re there. Build partial walls, a pergola, or a gazebo to protect your privacy while enjoying your deck.
  12. Create a Reading Nook: Build a pergola to create your own private little area with a small bench or swing to relax while reading outside. The pergola will offer the perfect amount of shade whether you’re reading a paper book or an electronic book.
  13. Create a Dining Area: Create a specific area for your family to enjoy outdoor meals together.
  14. Build a Screened Area: A screened porch is nice, but consider only screening a specific area of the deck. Screening in the entire deck will prevent you from truly being able to enjoy the deck as it is intended.
  15. Redecorate: Buy yourself some new deck furniture and decor this year. Take the time to really create something beautiful that you will enjoy all year.