Why Deck Maintenance Can be Challenging

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deck pressure washWhen you build a new wood deck, one of the first things you will be told is how important it is to maintain it. This helps to keep it looking good, but it also ensures that you get many years of enjoyment from it. As your deck ages, it will require more attention, and in some cases, more work to keep it in good shape. Basic maintenance is something that most people can do on their own, but after a while, it will be necessary to call in the professionals. This is especially true when the stability of your deck comes into question. Leisure Time Decks in Lilburn, GA builds and maintains decks in the greater Atlanta area; call us any time you need assistance with your wood deck.

Re-staining Your Deck

Any wood surface that is outside will take a beating from the elements. You can protect it with the best wood finishes on the market, but after a while the climate will take its toll. Some people like the idea of doing their own deck refinishing, but it can be a time-consuming process. The main steps include steps:

  • Inspection: It is necessary to check the deck for signs of problems like loose boards or fasteners
  • Cleaning and power washing: A deep cleaning is necessary before re-staining can be done
  • Sanding: This will remove what is left of the old stain, prepare the surface for the new finish and remove splinters
  • Applying the Stain: It is important to select the right stain and to apply it properly to protect the deck
  • Applying sealer: This will keep water from penetrating the wood and causing rot
  • Significant Deck Problems
  • Some deck problems are cosmetic, and you can deal with them quickly without much inconvenience. However, other deck problems could make the structure less safe, and these will require more work. Major deck problems include:
  • Rot: Once this sets in, you might be looking at a big repair bill. Regular deck inspections can help in detecting this problem early so that the affected wood can be removed.
  • Sagging: This could be due to factors such as settlement of the soil or rotting of the supports. In some cases, the cause could be poor construction, which is why you need experts like us to handle your deck building needs
  • Splits and cracks: These could prove dangerous if ignored. Often, the problem can be dealt with using the right caulk, but it may also be necessary to replace the wood

Decks are beautiful additions to homes, but they require serious commitment to remain that way for years. We have the tools and the skills to give your deck the right attention and to make it last for years to come. If you’re in the Atlanta area and would like to discuss custom deck builds or maintenance, feel free to call us any time to make an appointment for a consultation.