How to Winterize Your Pergola and Deck

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Icey deck rail

As the summer ends and we march towards winter, it’s time to start thinking of winterizing your pergola and other outdoor structures. You may be curious as to why we’re talking about winterizing your Atlanta-area deck, but remember winter 2014? Early predictions for winter 2015 indicate more snowfall for northern states, and we may even see more snow and ice here in Atlanta. So I’m going to share some very important tips on how to winterize your deck or outdoor living space.

Easy ways to make sure your pergola, deck, or gazebo is ready for use after the cold winter months include:

  • Sweep and clean the floor boards during the last days of fall before the cold sets in. This also means that it should be washed down to remove any grease that may have set into the flooring material. This will leave the floor clean and enable better air flow which will help to prevent mold and mildew due to the presence of moisture from snow or frost.
  • This is the perfect time to apply stain to the flooring if it is needed.
  • Get expert help in applying water resistant sealant to the floor and railings to help keep moisture out and prevent mold, mildew, and rot.

Take time to prepare plants in your pergola or on your deck for colder weather. You may need to store them in a warmer area if you expect heavy frost or snow. If you move the plants indoors, do not leave the empty planters and stands on the floor, as the exposure to snow and moisture can cause them to create rings in your flooring that are very difficult to remove. This will also help to prevent the build-up of mildew and mold.

We understand that you probably don’t want to fully lock down your deck or pergola during the winter, because you can use them most of the winter. You may choose to hire a contractor to install a heat source so that you and your guests can keep warm while enjoying time outdoors; regardless as to what winter 2015 is going to throw at us. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a popular way to winterize an outdoor structure such as a pergola.

Cold weather can be very hard on your pergola and deck, so making sure that you take steps to protect them from the elements is very important, even in Atlanta. Winterizing makes it easier to prepare your outdoor space for use in the warmer months. This also means that your pergola or deck will last you for years, providing the enjoyment you want from it without added costs for repairs.

We know that Georgians love their outdoor living spaces, and we strive to build the best decks, pergolas, arbors, and outdoor living spaces available. Winters are becoming harsher over time, even here in the south. We have learned that it’s best to prepare for the worst, just in case it happens. Many Atlanta area decks suffered light-to-moderate damage during the 2014 snow and ice. We hope it doesn’t happen again this winter, so call us if you’d like to discuss deck winterization in Atlanta 404-939-2201.