Transform your Backyard into a Relaxing Oasis

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Cedar tiki bar

Cedar tiki bar

If you have a backyard that you have not been paying much attention to, now is the time for a change. We’re just getting ready to go into another hot and gorgeous summer here in Roswell, GA and the surrounding areas. You can make your backyard into the best place to relax or entertain with the right kind of structures. The design ideas for your backyard are way too many for one article, but let us look at a few ways to bring life to this often neglected area of your home. Even without landscaping and other beautifying features, one of these structures can make a big statement.

A Pergola

Few structures can transform a backyard like a well-designed and constructed pergola. The multitude of designs available means we can work together to design a pergola that is ideal for your yard depending on space and budget. Remember that we can help your create the kind of pergola that you can use for trailing vines and other plants to bring the beauty of nature a little closer home.

A Gazebo or Back Porch

We can build the type of gazebo or back porch that adds character to the backyard. We can build a traditional gazebo or more modern version equipped with entertainment features and even internet. When it comes to constructing gazebos, decks, and back porches, we are only limited by available space, budget, and of course the existing building codes.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Entertaining outdoors is nice during summer and the balmy days of spring. An outdoor kitchen or fire pit helps make meal preparation a breeze and a fun activity. So if you love eating outdoors, let us help you make the perfect outdoor kitchen for fun times with family and friends.

Individual Shade Spots

While you enjoy getting some time in the sun, having some shade is also important. You can make sure that there are trees close to one side of your backyard patio or gazebo to provide shade in the cooler evening hours if you want to relax outdoors. You can also build your pergola in such a way that it provides shade. Consider including comfortable furniture, or even a hammock to your shady areas.

You can cap it all by putting in a privacy fence, allowing you to see out if you want, but helping to keep prying eyes out. We will design and build your pergola so that it also works to provide some privacy from neighbors. If you want to make your backyard stand out, you need to talk to us at Leisure Time Decks to put our talents to work for you.