Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom Space

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Most of our recent blog posts have focused primarily on decks, so we decided to shake it up a bit and talk about remodeling a small bathroom today. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor serving the greater Atlanta area and we do build more than decks – so let’s talk small bathroom spaces!

When you live in a house with conservative square footage, one of the first places to shrink is often the bathroom. Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to feel small. Creative use of furniture and colors can help create a sense of roominess in the smallest of bathrooms. By using some of these ideas, we can help you remodel your small bathroom into a space that feels cozy and comfortable instead of cramped.

Architectural Changes and Built-in Shelving: Most of the time, expansion isn’t in the cards for remodeling your small bathroom, but if it is, arched ceilings can be a smart way to add spaciousness to a narrow space. Other architectural features that can add visual interest and the illusion of space include recessed shelving, casement windows, and dark wood accents.

Shower instead of Bathtub: A shower can be an excellent way to open up a small bathroom, especially with a clear glass door. Open showers are very popular and help open the room to provide more space. Removing any obstructive walls or curtains to unite the room can make it seem larger and more unified.

Mirrors: Adding a large mirror can reflect light and add the illusion of space to a tight space. Try to install a long narrow mirror over the vanity area and at least one full length mirror on another wall. They should be positioned so that they can work in tandem to create the illusion of space.

Light Colors with Dark or Bright Accents: Color can be a really important part of tying your design together and affecting the overall feel of the room. When the goal is making a room seem larger, think light, bright, and soft. Muted and dark colors can cause a room to feel cave-like and closed in. Light colored wood, chair rails with light paneling, and soft brushed silver accents can be a great way to add visual interest as well.

Pedestal Sinks: Rather than a traditional vanity or his and hers sink, consider a pedestal sink. They take up less space, and opening up the space under the sink is a simple way to add to the open feel of the room.

Open Storage: Open shelving is very popular in both modern kitchens and bathrooms. We understand that the need for closed private storage still exists, but things like linens and non-essential items can be stored elsewhere while frequently-used items may be stored on open shelving and simultaneously used as decor.

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