The Most Common Causes of Deck Problems

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A deck is a beautiful addition to any home, and it serves a number of purposes. If you own a deck, you already know that regular maintenance will keep it strong and preserve its appearance. Anybody who invests in a deck is looking for long-term performance, but sometimes a few problems may develop regardless of the tedious care you give it each season. You will enjoy your deck more when you know what is wrong so that the problem can be fixed.

Here are some of the common factors that affect decks around the country:

Poor Construction Methods and Materials

A few people have fallen victim to unlicensed deck contactors, and end up paying long after the project is completed. The demand for decks has made it easier for individuals to get jobs building these structures even if they don’t have enough training. Some contractors may also use lower grade woods in the construction which can lead to deterioration of the structure quicker than normal. Before you know it, you could be dealing with rot and cracks in the deck due to these factors.

Improper Finishing

The finish helps to make the deck attractive, as well as protect it from the elements and abuse of users, so that it can last for years. The life and strength of a deck will depend on the type of finish used. The options for finishing a deck include paint, stain, and sealer. A clear sealer is a popular option because it allows the natural beauty of the wood to show. It is possible to choose a stain that works well with the color of the house. Paint is not a popular choice for the floor of decks as it wears easily due to traffic. Using the wrong finish or poor application of the finish can force deck owners to having to re-apply the finish sooner than is normal.

Unrealistic expectations

Planning goes a long way towards having a deck that performs well and lasts a long time. If you plan to entertain relatively large groups, the deck should be built with this in mind. Don’t build a small deck for your personal relaxation and then expect to use it for outdoor gatherings. You may quickly find that the deck is unable to stand up to the weight being placed on it. Special consideration is also necessary for outdoor furniture and items like grills.

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