Six Features to Consider for Your New or Existing Deck

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Winter has come full force, and many of us are longing for the sun and sweet breezes of summer. Atlanta area winters aren’t usually horribly cold, but remember last year’s cold snaps; this year is proving to be just as cold. Now is the perfect time to begin searching for ideas and planning for your new deck build or modifications for your existing deck.

A myriad of interesting ideas are out there for adding value, beauty, and uniqueness to your deck. With any remodeling project, adding your personal touch and creating a space suited to your lifestyle is fun and inspiring.

Try Some of these Great Deck Features

  • Fire: Fire features can be a great way to create an outdoor space that is usable not only in the summer, but in the cooler fall and winter months. Built in or stand-alone fireplaces can make a great focal point and create a peaceful space for sipping hot cocoa on crisp, clear winter days.
  • Structures: For a touch of natural elegance, a pergola, or arbor can be a great design element for your deck. Arbors can help add shade to escape the hot summertime sun, and adding climbing vines can create a cool, peaceful space. Choosing vines that flower is a great way to add a pop of color to your space. Make sure you choose plants that can withstand the hot Georgia sunshine!
  • Built in Seating: Benches and tables that fold up against the railing are wonderful additions to the average deck. Create seating areas that double as storage for your deck furniture and other necessary items for outside.
  • Water: From small, simple metal basin drip fountains to larger built in ponds, water features can be another great addition to your deck. Fire and water features both have the potential to add to the sensory experience of your space with soothing, tranquil sounds.
  • Outdoor Kitchen: Another great way to add function and beauty to your deck is with a built in entertaining area. From a simple built in grill to a full outdoor kitchen with sink and refrigerator or brick oven for fresh breads and wood fired pizzas, your friends won’t be able to stop talking about the deck parties you host.
  • Pets: In many households, the pet is another member of the family. Why not include your furry friend in your plans for your outdoor space? Ramps and built in shelters can add interesting architectural elements to your deck while providing comfort for your pet.

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