Should You Choose to Build a Wood or Composite Deck?

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Congratulations! You have decided to build a deck onto your home. What a wonderful choice this was, since they can add beauty to your home and give your family a nice place to gather during nice weather. And we see a lot of weather here in Georgia! Now, the question is will you use solid wood or a composite material to build your deck?

Some people will tell you that composite decks are maintenance free; this however, is a lie. That would be like someone telling you that if you purchase this brand new BMW you will never have to worry about maintenance on it, you and I both know how that would turn out! A composite deck is much less maintenance than a wood deck, but it is not entirely maintenance free.

There have been quite a few lawsuits against composite deck manufacturers for a number of different reasons. They did promote a maintenance free deck material for a time, so this was one of the lawsuits filed against them. While some people say composite decks are more durable when it comes to facing the elements, this is because most composite decks have a form of plastic in them such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride mixed with wood particles. Since they are a mix between mediums they tend to be a bit more mildew resistant and they are rot resistant.

When you are looking at composite decking the cost is typically more than using solid wood however, solid wood decking also requires more upkeep and maintenance than composite decking. While neither is maintenance free the question is how much maintenance do you want to have to put into the deck each year?

Most wooden decks will need to be treated to reduce deterioration due to the UV rays and other weather conditions. Most synthetic decks will require a thorough cleaning twice a year. It really just boils down to how much upkeep you want to be responsible for and what suits your tastes better. While some people really prefer the look of wood others might enjoy the faux wood look of composite.

The builders here at Leisure Time Decks offer top quality workmanship regardless of the type of material you choose for your deck. We have built many area decks using each type of material. Take a look at our gallery of past projects to see our work. You should also connect with us on facebook to see our latest projects unfold.

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