Remodeling a Small Bathroom Makes a Big Impact

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Bathrooms can be one of the hardest spaces to remodel. Though a large bathroom is nice, it’s not always in the cards, especially because of considerations with plumbing and drainage. Having a small bathroom in your home doesn’t mean you can’t create your dream space. Here are some tips for turning your small bathroom into a place you truly love.

Fixtures and Furniture

One very basic rule for small bathrooms is choosing smaller fixture pieces. Pedestal sinks are one great option for maximizing your space. Many times homes with smaller bathrooms have nearby closets where you can store linens, towels, and bathroom items that are used less often. Consider removing the closet and replacing the storage it provides with open shelving in another area of the room. We understand that closet space is nice, but the feeling of openness in a larger bathroom space often trumps closet space.

Aside from the sink or vanity, the other big place to save space in your bathroom is the washing area. With a small room, you want to maximize your space. Shower and tub combos can be great, but even better are standing showers without tubs. Glass walls and doors can be a great way to save space and provide a streamlined, open look to your bathroom. A curved shower rod with a clear shower curtain is another great option if you aren’t a fan of glass doors on the shower.

Color Choices

In a smaller space, color is also important. Think soft, bright colors to open up the room. Muted or darker colors can make a smaller room seem cave-like or bring the walls in close. However, if the overall design is correctly implemented, dark, and rich colors can be pretty amazing, even in a small room. Finish off the room with a lightly stained wood grain trim and light colored floor tile.


Mirrors are a fabulous decorator secret for making a small room seem larger. Bringing in and distributing as much light as possible will make a smaller room bright and airy. A larger mirror over the sink can do wonders to work with the light and make the room seem much larger than it is. Don’t be afraid to go big and make that mirror focal pieces of your decor. Consider adding a full length mirror somewhere in the bathroom as well. This will really help redistribute light from other sources in the room.

Small Bathrooms Can Feel Large

We hope that this post has shown you that even small bathrooms can feel large with the right decor, fixtures, furniture, and color choices. If you’re in the greater Atlanta area and would like to discuss remodeling your small bathroom, give us a call at 404-939-2201. We’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation at your home so that we can see the space and answer your questions and concerns honestly.