It’s September – Time to Throw an End of Summer Deck Party

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As summer of 2014 is coming to an end, shouldn’t we make time for one last hoorah on our beautiful decks? Of course we should! The weather is not going to be as warm in the upcoming months so let’s use what warm weather we have left of this year and throw the perfect end of summer deck party.

Clean Your Deck

The first step to having an awesome party is to make sure your deck looks beautiful. Clean it up and fix small problems it may have. Next focus on the atmosphere and environment you want to create. Add some beautiful potted plants and maybe a freestanding fire pit. You might also want to consider staining or painting your deck, great way to make it look beautiful and make it ready for next year.

Consider this: End of summer sales are the perfect time to purchase new deck furniture and decorations.

Invite Your Guests

What’s a party without guests? Make a list of all of your friends and family that you would like to invite. With the technological advances that we have today, you don’t even have to send out actual invitations in the mail; just make an electronic invitation or make an event on Facebook. Request that they all RSVP so you will know how many people to plan for.

Make a Menu

While preparing for the party write out a menu that consists of a little of everything that your guests like, that way there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to include summertime favorites that you cook on the grill, so you can showcase your beautiful deck. This is when a deck really comes in handy; it allows the cook to be at the party while cooking. A win-win situation for all involved.

Consider this: Some people are allergic to nuts, so make sure to have a variety of nut-free foods. Take other potential allergies into consideration as well.

Go Shopping

Now that you have a list of foods that you will need, make a list of decorations and dining essentials. Go shopping for all of your items, and make sure you get everything on your list. If you happen to find a few cute additions that go well with your theme, buy them!

Have Fun!

Now walk out onto your beautiful deck and set up the party! Make sure everything looks the way you planned from the beginning, and create a playlist of some great tunes for everyone to enjoy while at your party. Fire up grill and crank up the music. Go mingle with your guests and reminisce about all the great experiences you have all had this summer on your gorgeous deck.

We know saying goodbye to warm weather and pool days is a hard thing to do, but remember there is always next year! And lucky for us, here in the Atlanta area, winter rarely lasts too long. We’ll be able to enjoy the deck again in just a few short months.