Issues to Consider Before Building a Deck

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Are you thinking about having a deck built for your home? Decks are amazing and provide many different fun features; it all depends on what you want out of your deck. Maybe you would like a deck that is perfect for outdoor parties, or maybe you would like the perfect deck for relaxing. No matter what you want we can provide it for you. Here are some important things to consider before you continue with your plans.

How big is your yard?

The first thing you need to consider is how big you would like your deck to be. Make sure that you yard is spacious enough to accommodate the size deck that you would like to have built. If you would like a deck specifically for entertaining guests, the bigger deck you can build, the better. Plenty of space for a grill, patio furniture, decorations, and enough room for your guests to mingle comfortably is essential when thinking of building a deck for hosting parties and family functions.


A privacy fence goes a long way to ensuring overall privacy for your yard and deck. They aren’t always practical or possible in some neighborhoods, so we recommend a pergola or arbor on the deck itself. Pergolas and arbors may be built as a partial wall with plenty of space for climbing vines and other plants. Plants act as a privacy screen to provide privacy while you’re enjoying the deck.


Most decks are built attached to the home, making it easily accessible. However, not everyone chooses to do this, which is perfectly fine. If you would like your deck built in another part of the yard and not attached to the home, you need to know where you would like it placed. Also consider how you will access it and will it be practical for everyone.

If you have a pool in the yard it is likely that the deck will need to be built around it, and this is a beautiful way to make a great entry point to your pool. Also consider how much privacy you will need. If you need a fence installed, Leisure Time Decks can do this for you as well.

Safety features and weather conditions

Do you have children in the home? If so, child safety should be your number one concern when building your deck. You would be surprised at the number of people who don’t think their deck needs railing. Many people try to eliminate anything possible to save an extra buck. In our opinion, hand rails and guards are a must; it will prevent not only children but anyone from accidently falling off. Building codes in many areas require railing on any porch or deck taller than three feet off the ground.

Consider the type of weather you see in your area. Here in the Atlanta area, we see a lot of sun, rain, and wind with the occasional light snow during winter. Weather conditions can wear out a deck over time and can require maintenance. One way to have a long lasting deck is choosing a deck made of composite materials. These decks last longer and are just as beautiful.

We Can Help

No matter the type of deck you want, we can help design and build the perfect deck for your home and for your lifestyle. Give us a call any time to discuss the details and start making plans. What are your thoughts on deck design in the Decatur, GA area? What unusual design element would you like to see implemented in more deck designs? We would love to hear your ideas!