Increase the Value of Your Home with a Multi Level Deck

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IMG_0502There’s always something nice and southern about building a quality deck. Decks can give you a leg up on entertaining, dining, and relaxation. There are a lot of ways you can customize your new deck when you choose to work with us at Leisure Time Decks. We work with north metro Atlanta area homeowners on a regular basis to improve their homes in a variety of ways. We work inside the home, but mostly on the outside. We feel that our greatest strength lies in building amazing outdoor spaces.

Decks are, for the most part, simple to get into place, and they can definitely increase the value of your property. Done right, it will help you utilize your existing space effectively by adding a lot of functionality to the home. As you look at deck solutions, there are several things to consider beyond the simple addition. Sure, there’s something special in building a standard deck, but what if you could add more flair and personality and build a deck that truly fits your lifestyle? What if you could not only increase home value, but really increase the value with something that is visually compelling like a multi level deck?

Tiered Concept

When you consider multi level solutions, many people just assume two stories. That’s a good option, as you could create an amazing deck for homeowners who have a second story window and porch already in place. A raised platform can give you a great opportunity for using your space.

However, if you don’t have a second story, and you still want to work within several levels, then you should definitely look into a tiered approach with lighting elements. Imagine several tiers with elongated steps and underlying lights to illuminate your path. This will be structurally sound, and will be lit to allow for night time entertaining for family, friends, or just any night you want to relax.

The space that separates the tiers doesn’t have to be more than a couple of steps to really make an incredible style statement. Consider building separate areas for cooking, dining, entertaining, talking, and even for other guests to relax and communicate privately.

Second Story

For those who have two story homes, then it’s important to look at this concept more carefully. Consider an upper deck with stairs that lead to the lower deck. These two areas can be used for personal use and for entertainment as well. Your lower level could house a dining set with chairs, a barbecue area, smoker, small garden, and more. The second story option can help you have personalized elements that link master bedrooms, or second story rooms with specific enclosed areas.

Increasing Value through Decks

The deck increases home value in more ways than monetarily; it also increases the functional value of your home. Sellers find that they can ask for more money due in large part to the look and feel of certain elements of the home. Multi level decks speak volumes to homeowners and buyers as well because they’re very unique and personalized. When a home buyer steps foot on a multiple tiered deck, they will have a connection point that could very well cause them to fall in love and sign on the dotted line. When a buyer falls in love with a home, the asking price may not matter; they’ll want to buy as a result of the alluring quality of the home’s visual design flow.