Fantastic Design Ideas for an Outdoor Entertainment Area in Roswell, Georgia

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August is here! The end of summer is approaching and school has started back in many parts of the greater Atlanta area. That means sports celebrations, holidays, and other school parties and events will soon be in full swing. Families that entertain a lot absolutely need outdoor areas for entertainment. I’m going to go over several great ways to entertain in your back yard whether it’s a party for adults, teens, or children. It’s time to get that backyard ready for some real Atlanta fun!

Pergola with Waterproof Cover

Create an outdoor extension of your home by creating an outdoor living room. A pergola is most commonly used for plants that vine or as a temporary relief from that hot Georgia sun. ­They’re an excellent place to grow plants that like shade, and a great place for summer relaxation.

Try this idea on for size

  • Build a pergola in a mostly-shaded area.
  • Build a patio that extends about a foot wider and longer than the pergola all the way around. The patio will act as the floor for your outdoor room as well as give the pergola more support.
  • Buy, or make, a waterproof pergola tent that can be tied open on at least two sides.
  • Decorate the interior with patio furniture. Make sure to include several end tables and a coffee table for convenience. A 12x12ft pergola will comfortably fit two sets of patio furniture for ample seating for guests.
  • Decorate with bright colors and natural plants that will draw your guests to the area naturally.
  • Place couple of fans in or around the area to ensure a nice breeze.

Furnishing Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

You don’t have to spend a fortune building and furnishing your outdoor living areas. In fact, sometimes less is more in terms of furnishings. You may even opt for seating in the form of pillows around the fire pit, built-in benches on one or two sides of the pergola or deck, and inexpensive items such as candles for decoration and ambiance.

Try this idea:

  • Build a pergola on a portion of your deck or patio. (You may need to build a deck or patio first. That part isn’t too difficult. Just call us.)
  • Cover the pergola so your guests have a nice shaded place to relax. Consider a cover with fabric walls that can be tied back or rolled up.
  • Build bench storage seating as built-in seating. Cover the benches with thick, high quality cushions that can be used year after year. Take good care of the cushions by storing them inside the benches when not in use.
  • Decorate with quality deck furniture and include ample tables and places for guests to put drinks while in conversation with other guests.

More Ideas to Share

I have several other great ideas, but we don’t really want one blog post to turn into a mini-novel, right? Maybe I could make outdoor living ideas a regular part of my blog each month. What do you think? What would you like to see? I would love to hear your ideas! Leave me a comment in the comments section, or send me an email with your ideas.