Examining the Issue of Safety When Using Your Deck’s Fire Pit

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Another beautiful Georgia summer is upon us! Most people who own decks spend a lot of time there at various times of the day. To make these structures even cozier, some people install fire pits, which also add an interesting visual element to the structure. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, this is the outdoor deck feature most requested by homeowners today. They range in size and simplicity, but no matter how small they are, the issue of safety can never be taken for granted.

Using Your Fire Pit Safely

As with other home or outdoor features, the construction of fire pits is regulated by local building codes. Ensure that the one you have is in compliance as a first step. Follow the recommendations regarding the distance of the fire pit from structures and combustible areas. You don’t need to make large fires, as smaller ones are always much easier to handle since there is less chance of them getting out of control.

It is best to avoid using your fire pit on windy days, as embers can be blown to other areas. If you have a storage compartment built into your deck, keep a small fire extinguisher inside. Otherwise, find some place to keep it where you can get to it quickly. Another precautionary measure is to ensure that the garden hose can reach the deck area. Keep the deck free from leaves as these can easily be set alight by blown embers.

Generally, you don’t need kerosene or other flammable liquid to get a fire pit going. If you do use it, make sure you only use a small amount, and use it very carefully. Do not keep adding it when the fire seems to be dying. Instead, keep adding logs to maintain the fire.

Proper airflow will prevent smoke inhalation, so do not add a screen to that section of the deck. When you are done with the fire pit for the night, pour water over it until the hissing from the hot embers stops. You can use a metal poker to move the logs around while you wet the area. You will be able to tell if any of them are still glowing, which could cause them to flare up during the night.

It is unlikely that you will use the fire pit every night, especially during the summer, but you should have the option when you want to add some warmth or romance to your time outdoors. At Leisure Time Decks, we can build fire pits and outdoor fireplaces to suit your needs. We also build complete outdoor kitchens, brick ovens, pergolas, gazebos, and many other types of outdoor living spaces. Call us any time to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your outdoor building ideas.