Design a Beautiful and Functional Deck for Your Atlanta Area Home

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Successful deck designs serve many functions. Adding value and aesthetic interest to your home, creating a relaxing retreat, building a space to entertain, or creating a safe place for small children to enjoy the summer can all be great purposes for a deck. One of the most fun things about designing your deck project is the nearly endless options for unique and personalized designs. Call us at Leisure Time Decks at 404-939-2201 to discuss the primary purpose for your deck and options we feel shouldn’t be overlooked.

Unusual Shapes

One way to create a distinctive deck design is to consider a round deck. Placing a fireplace or tree in the middle with a rounded bench can create a stunning visual. Other options could include a small garden, gazebo, or pond with colorful fish. Depending on the size of your yard, you may want to add layers or wrap around the side of your home to create a larger surface area.

Multiple Functionality

The most successful deck designs create spaces with multiple options for functionality. Using an arbor, pergola, or surrounding trees combined with built in seating and outdoor pillows, you can create a comfortable shaded area for visiting with friends or enjoying your favorite magazine or book in the summertime without overheating. This area is also ideal for the inclusion of a pet palace so your household pets can stay cool while enjoying their time outdoors.

Variety in Color and Finishes

Using multiple colors and finishes can be a great way to create visual interest on your deck, and the possibilities for personalization are practically endless. Consider using multiple shades of stain, for instance one color underfoot, another on the railings, and yet another for columns. Copper or iron accents can add flourish and sophistication as well.

Impressive Staircase

Another great place to consider marrying design and function is in your deck’s staircase. A wide staircase extended across the length of a deck can serve as extra seating for large gatherings and open up your space. Expand the width of the steps the other way and you can install storage underneath for yard toys and gardening tools.

Call us for More Ideas

Whatever your ideas include, we would love to hear them! Call us any time at 404-939-2201 to discuss your options for your existing deck or to start making plans for a new deck for your Atlanta area home. We feel that every home can benefit from the addition of a deck, and we make it our goal to create individualized, custom decks that fit each homeowner’s lifestyle.