Create the Perfect Multi-Tier Deck for Your Home and Landscaping

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Every home is not created equal. This is one of the reasons we love the North Metro Atlanta area so much. We enjoy the diversity of architecture we see throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods. We have built amazing multi-tier decks on multi-level homes and single-story homes as well. The type of home you have doesn’t necessarily dictate the type of deck you can build. Let’s take a look at some great deck ideas and how they can be incorporated with any type of home.

The Standard

This deck is the typical square or rectangle structure with rails. The standard deck can be built as a second- or third-story embellishment or as a ground level structure. A ground level deck doesn’t always need rails, which opens up even more design possibilities. They don’t always require stairs to the yard, because they may only be six or seven inches off the ground anyway. An upper-level deck requires a staircase to the ground and additional support beams for heavy things such as a hot tub.

The Ornate

A nicely designed deck may include two tiers, ornate railing, or some other decorative feature. This deck can be built on the ground level or as a second-level structure. An ornate deck often requires the implementation of a variety of materials. The decking itself, for example, may be build of wood or composite materials while the railings employ a variety of metal or wood.

The Multi-Tier Deck

When people think of a multi-tier deck, they visualize it attached to a multi-story home. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. The first level of the deck can just as easily be at the ground level of a single-story home with tiers that climb upward. Consider creating a standard deck with a staircase that leads to a more private area that’s even with the roof for easy access for roof and guttering inspections.

Whatever type of deck or exterior structure you’re planning to build this year, we’re up for the challenge. Give us the basic idea of the type of deck you would like to build and we’ll take care of the design and build processes. We will, of course, make sure that you sign off on the final design before we begin building so we’re all on the same page throughout the process.

We’ve been helping homeowners add value and functionality to their homes since 1989. We remodel kitchens, bathrooms, and basements as well as build or remodel exterior features. If you’re ready to spruce up your backyard with one of these signature outdoor features, give us a call here at Leisure Time Decks at 404-939-2201 to schedule an appointment for a consultation or to begin the design process.