Adding Interest to Your Deck with Plants

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plants on decks

Plants and flowers can be a wonderful addition to any deck. They add life and color, and there are many ways to incorporate them into your deck design. Today we’re going to talk about some great low maintenance options as well as container gardening and other ways to beautify your deck with plants.

Low Maintenance Plant Options

If you’re just looking for a low maintenance addition of natural color, an arbor with climbing vines and flowers can be the perfect choice. The plants will naturally grow along the trellis or pergola frame, providing visual interest and some shade in the hot summer months. Hanging and cascading plants are also a great choice for beautifying your deck.

If you’re looking to keep it low maintenance, choose plants that need little care. Succulents like aloe, agave, and sedum can be a great choice for adding visual interest without much extra work for you.

Soften Hard Lines

Plants and flowers can be a great way to add softness and an organic feel to the lines of your deck. Plants in their own pots can be a great option, but combining different colored flowers and greenery in a large planting container can provide great visual interest and variety. Consider planting one tall plant, two flowering plants, and one cascading plant into a single large container; watch the magic happen.

When purchasing a container, be sure to consider the weight restrictions of your deck, and whether the planter has drainage holes for water to escape. Elevate the container above the deck floor so the area below can dry out after watering or after a rain. Make sure there is a place for excess water to drain in order or protect your plants from too much water and your deck from water damage. For a more dramatic effect, group several containers together and fill them with easy to care for annuals.

Annuals are plants that do not generally reappear year after year. Perennials do grow back year after year, often experiencing a dormant stage in which they may appear dead.

Grow Vegetables and Herbs for Variety

Some people are natural gardeners, and if you enjoy growing some of your own food, your deck can be the perfect place for container gardening. One advantage of this is that on your deck, your herbs and veggies are less likely to become lunch for local bunnies and deer. Herbs can be beautiful, smell great, and be a great conversation starter on your deck.

On the flipside, consider plants that will draw natural beauty to your deck. Choose plants known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds for stunning displays of nature in the spring and summer. Take care when choosing flowering plants, as bees are often drawn to the same types of flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

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